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Creative Sabbatical

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THE POWER OF TIME OFF can do wonders in our life. Some time ago I set out with the intention to go on a creative sabbatical - a journey to further expand on my university education and follow the projects, ideas and interests I'm obsessed with. Very rarely we get the opportunity in our lives to quit everything and follow an idea. To pick up that book you've always wanted to read, start a project you've thought about for years. So that's what I did... I quit my job and followed my dream. After travelling through America, Canada and Iceland to research, design and interview people in the industry, I've now settled in Berlin where I work on projects that I love, for clients that are brilliant human beings. 

This page will grow as my journey does, but for now it follows my creativity and the things I've learnt on my sabbatical. 

Below is a typography experiment I'm working on, where I capture cities, people, quotes and moments that have meaning to my sabbatical and shape my design education.


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Kein Kasse Wurstsalat (online publication coming soon)